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Placement & Training Activities


The Department of Civil Engineering provides Consultancy Services to the Government Agencies like KRIDL, CMC,Gokak, TMC,Konnur, TMC, Ghataprabha, TMC, Saudatti.

It includes material testing and Third Party Inspection of the works carried out by the above mentioned agencies. The tests will be conducted on the basic materials like aggregates, soil, bitumen, cement, concrete etc in the respective laboratories. The various tests carried out are Aggregate Abrassion Test, Water Absorption Test, Impact Test, Crushing Strength Test, Compressive Strength Test, Ductility Test, Penetration Test, Sofetening Point Test, Specific Gravity Test, Direct shear Test, Moisture Content Test, Triaxial Test, SBC Test, Non-Destructive Test on Concrete using Rebound Hammer etc.


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